Post-production, motion design 2D / 3D, composition.

Senior animator, advanced skill for animating graphics and manipulating images.
Proactive, responsible, creative and always searching for new skills. Experience on motion design 2D/3D, and composition since 2006 at studios and advertising agency.
Supervisorof the post-production team to execute animation films, process,direction and in the departments of stop-motion, motiongraphics andcomposition. With know-how in remote and fixed freelancers.

Professional registry DRT 0044590/SP

▪ Technologyin Animation–Senac University (2013)

▪ Post-Graduate at Cinema of Aesthetics of the Image in Movement(2015)

▪ DRC -Digital Video -Specialized Training Center in Computer Graphics:
   Autodesk Maya Completed
   Adobe After Effects Advanced
   Adobe After Effects Complete
   Adobe Premiere Pro

 ▪ Motion Design in Cinema 4D (and Arnold Renderer) and After Effects. Knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator.

 ▪ Portuguese –Native

 ▪ English –Advanced 

Work experiences

▪ Company: Studio Great
Motion Design Lead
Period:July 01, 2017 to Feb 8, 2019

▪ Company: BETC 
Motion Design Lead
Period: July 26, 2016 to May 31, 2017

▪ Company: LOV Agência Digital –DENTSU 
Motion Design Lead
Period: August 08, 2015 to March 10, 2016

▪ Company: Habilil Produções
Motion Design Lead
Period: January 01, 2015 to August 05, 2015

▪ Company: DM9
Motion Design Lead
Period: September 01, 2013to September 29, 2014

▪ Company: MIXER
Motion Design Lead
Period: September 01, 2013to September 29, 2014

▪ Company: Puzzle
Motion Design Lead
Period: December 22, 2010 to August 24, 2012

▪ Company: Chá das 5
Motion Design Lead
Period: Freelancer

▪ Company: Mega Kingdom Produções
Motion Design Lead
Period: August 01, 2006 to February 05, 2010
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